Australian Building Estimator

Local Australian Building Estimator you can trust.

Australian Building Estimator and Building Trade Estimating Service with the experience that you need and the attention to detail required.

As an Australian Building Estimator Speedy Estimating has been estimating all kinds of Australian Building Trade Work since the 1990’s.
We’ve seen it all, the implementation of GST and more recently the various stimulus and everything that came along with that.
The building industry has ups and downs, but there’s one thing that has to be right if you want to continue trading and that’s your Estimating.

Pricing Building Work

Our Estimating Service is Australia Wide, All the Capital Cities and Regional Areas as Well.
We maintain multiple Price Files and can easily provide pricing relevant to your business.

Accurate Estimates

We meticulously measure every element of the work required, we break it down so that each component is measured separately.
By breaking up the estimate for you its easy to see whats been measured and how much the price is.

Australian Building Estimator

We are an Australian based building estimating service.
All of our estimators are living in Australia spread across the various Australian Capital Cities.

Overseas Estimators are Cheaper

Yes overseas estimators are cheaper, we have tried them, but in all cases have found their work to be unusable and never sent any to our clients.
In the end its safer to trust an Australian Building Estimator who understand Australian Construction Methods and Local Conditions.

All Kinds of Australian Estimating

Our Australian Building Estimator service includes full Builders Bill of Quantities Estimate and Detailed Estimates for each Building Trade.
Our Trade Estimates include Painting Estimating, Concreting, Civils, Formwork, Carpentry, Timber Take Off, Tiling, Waterproofing, Brick and Blockwork etc.

Example Building Estimate

Download an Example Building Estimate by clicking here

Cost of Building Estimating

Send your plans for quoting to Email:
Ph: 0407 763 976 or Send a SMS message
Contact Details page here

Expanding your Trade Business

A lot of our ongoing estimating customers are Building Trades who want to expand their business.
The come to us wanting to grow their business from housing to taking on larger commercial work such as warehouses and high rise construction.
If your interested in taking on larger jobs contact as for a quote on the estimating, its the only way to grow your business.