Cost Estimating

So what sort of cost estimating is available ?

We generally provide for 3 levels of cost estimating service.


  • These estimates are great for getting a budget together.
  • Can be done on preliminary plans or full plans
  • A great way to identify cost savings and see where money is being spent
  • Great for Architects to get a real idea of cost before finalising drawings
  • Good for home builders who want to check the budget before spending lots of time and money on a client
  • Cheap form of cost estimate


  • This is the level of estimating that we do for a lot of our builders
  • Good level of detail without having to count out every nut and bolt
  • Great cost accuracy
  • Each stage of the work is split up by trade
  • Its easy to add your quotes into the costing
  • A great way of tracking budgets at each stage of the works


  • We calculate each cost center seperately
  • Cost Centers are broken up the same way that you would normally purchase
  • Labour and materials seperated where approcriate
  • If your confidant of winning the job this is best value for money
  • Virtually every nut, bolt and nail is measured


We provide both Commercial & Residential estimates and measures

Note: Our level of accuracy and detail is dictated by the level of documentation provided. The builder needs to check pricing rates to confirm pricing suits their turnover level and the work required for each project.

You can download some examples of the estimating work we do here –

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