How do I Know If The Estimator Is Experienced ?

You need to check that the Building Estimator that you are employing has experience in the field of estimating that you want assistance with. The current building market seen a lot of out of work estimators start up estimating businesses because they can get work as an estimator. Think about that for a minute, if nobody else will employ them as a building estimator you should seriously consider if you should as well.

Here are Some Key Questions to ask:

  • What Estimating Software Do You Use ?

If the answer is I have my own system or I just use excel you need to seriously reconsider using this estimator. Professional Building Estimators use Professional Building Estimating Software such as Databuild or Buildsoft. We personally prefer to use Databuild.

  • Do You Provide a Full Bill of Quantities ?

If the answer is no we use budgets or something like “we can save you money doing budgets in excel” or you dont need a full bill of quantities then be careful. Professional Building Estimators will provide a fully priced bill of quantities detailing every nut and bolt and all labour broken down into a format that a builder would use to purchase the materials and subcontract the labour.
Check out our example estimates here –

  • Where do you get your price list from ?

This is an important question, You need to be sure the Building Estimator is actively sourcing their own pricing and getting feedback from their clients.

  • Do You Own a Rawlinsons Construction Guide.

This is an important question to ask, anybody who is serious about estimating will own a recent Rawlinsons Handbook.

  • Do you hold a builders licence

Another good test to determine the level of experience and understanding of onsite issues. The director of Speedy Systems holds a current builders licence and builds a number of speculative homes each year.